Teenage girl hit by 2 cars, killed while crossing Telegraph Road in Southfield

Shammah Hebron killed crossing Telegraph Road between 9 Mile and 10 Mile roads

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A Burger King worker who spoke to a 14-year-old girl moments before the teen was hit by two cars and killed on Telegraph Road in Southfield opened up to Local 4 about the incident.

Shammah Hebron was grabbing a bite to eat from Burger King right after school. There is a crosswalk, but unfortunately, Shammah tried to take a shortcut across the busy road.

Shammah's mother looked on in disbelief, and her father needed support to stand upright when they arrived at the scene and found their daughter had not made it home from school.

Shammah was a ninth-grade student at Bradford Academy. After school, she and her friends crossed Telegraph Road to go to Burger King.

"They come here every day and eat," employee Stacy Brown said. "Some of their parents pick them up, The others wait at the bus stop. But she just didn't cross at the light today.

"I couldn't finish working. It's terrible."

After Shammah picked up her food, she tried to cross eight lanes of traffic on Telegraph Road.

"They go kind of fast on Telegraph," Brown said.

Shammah made it across the northbound lanes, but was struck by a black Saturn and a Chevy Silverado in the southbound lanes.

"They were trying to resuscitate her for awhile," Brown said.

Both drivers stopped at the scene. They were visibly shaken up by the deadly outcome and comforted each other.

Shammah's father said he doesn't fault the drivers. Police believe it was a tragic accident.

"It's sad, and I'm praying for her family," Brown said.

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