Cameras capture teens lurking in Inkster yard with legal medical marijuana grow

May be connected to other attempted burglaries

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INKSTER, Mich. – Security cameras at an Inkster home captured five teens lurking early Thursday in a yard with a legal medical marijuana grow.

Just after midnight, the five teens hopped a 6- foot tall fence at a home on the city's south side. They walked around the yard with flashlights before noticing the security cameras and leaving.

"I thought I was tripping. I said, 'Is there five people in my backyard?'" Paul Swenders said.

Paul and his wife, Kirsten, called police when they saw the teens in their yard. The couple said they will be putting metal sheets up after the incident.

Kristen thinks the attempted break-in was premeditated.

"They've been scoping, I believe," she said.

Police believe the teens were looking for marijuana, and they believe the attempted breaking and entering may be related to two others overnight. All three attempted burglaries were on the city's south side.

Watch the security footage below.

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