Port Huron police release Backstreet Boys dashcam karaoke video

PORT HURON, Mich. – Police released dashcam video Thursday night showing Port Huron officers' love for the Backstreet Boys and its larger than life

Officers Sam Backer and Brian Daly star in the dashcam karaoke video with special guest appearance Derek Paret singing the 1999 classic "I Want It That Way."

The video begins on a night shift in Port Huron in a patrol car. One officer says he needs a song to get him in the mood to be back at work.

"Oh, I've got a song," the other officer answers.

The video was posted to the police department's Facebook page challenging the Imlay City Police Department to release the next dashcam karaoke.

It may seem like police and civilians are two worlds apart, but the dashcam video shows we all love the Backstreet Boys equally.

It's safe to say that everybody should watch this.