Author infuses Detroit into 'Urban fiction' novels

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DETROIT – “We write.”

So says Ms.Michel Moore, one of Detroit’s more prolific authors. She has written more than 45 books and has made the Essence Magazine Best Sellers list.

What does Moore write?

Urban fiction.

Raw, real stories of sex, crime, families and lots of drama. Moore writes the books and they fly off the shelves in paperback.

It’s pulp fiction, Detroit style.

“Every book I write starts in Detroit.”

Salacious stories that are all based in what Moore sees, hears and experiences in the city.

“The stories come from where I am from, what I have lived. People say, ‘Hey, that didn’t happen!’ It happened, it happened last night, last weekend in Detroit 48238," she said.

48238 is the ZIP code for Moore’s Detroit neighborhood.

“That’s what I draw from. The craziest stories that happen in Detroit every day,” she said.

Moore has fans of her fiction.

She sells the books at her east side shop, “Hood Book,” located at 2407 East Seven Mile.

But her books are also on shelves at Target, Walmart and Meijer. They are also available on Amazon.

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