Vice President Mike Pence arrives in Metro Detroit ahead of tax plan talk

Pence scheduled to talk up President Donald Trump's tax plan in Auburn Hills

WATERFORD, Mich. – Vice President Mike Pence landed Wednesday at the Oakland County Airport in Waterford as he visits Metro Detroit to talk up President Donald Trump's tax plan in Auburn Hills.

You can see video of Pence exiting Air Force 2 in Michigan above.

Pence will have a private dinner Wednesday night in Bloomfield Hills before speaking about the tax plan Thursday morning in Auburn Hills.

Air Force 2 touched down on the tarmac just after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Pence arrived to a coterie of Republican officials, including the attorney general and the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder were not present, and neither was the lieutenant governor.

The group will attend a hush-hush dinner in Bloomfield Hills, and the details about who will be attending have not been revealed.

After the private dinner, Pence will talk about Trump's tax plan, which was released Wednesday afternoon. While it needs more detail, the pitch so far is doubling the deductions for both individuals and families and reducing the corporate tax rate as well.

It will also reduce some deductions that residents already are used to.

Following the event, Pence is scheduled to leave Michigan. Snyder is expected to show up to the event.

Pence has always received a warm reception from Michigan Republicans, who are very comfortable with him. He has been an ambassador for the administration in the state multiple times.

You can watch Mara MacDonald's full story in the video posted above.

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