Oakland University student sexually assaulted on main campus

Student says man pulled his pants down, pulled her on top of him

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Officials are on high alert at Oakland University after a man sexually assaulted a student on the school's main campus.

The student came forward and told police about her horrifying night Sunday. The sexual assault happened near the Elliott Tower at the main campus.

The Elliott Tower area is one of the busiest spots on Oakland University's campus, and whoever the man was didn't appear to be afraid of getting caught.

The student said she was walking near the tower around 12:30 a.m. Sunday when a man pulled down his pants and pulled her on top of him.

The student was able to break free from the man and run away, but he kept following and grabbing her. She got into a residence hall, which he couldn't get access to.

She told her story to campus police Wednesday, and the Oakland University Police Department send out an email alert to students.

"It was a huge shock when I heard about his because it's very unusual, but, like, there are predators everywhere, and we should be aware," said OU senior Samana Sheikh.

"I was, like, 'What is going on?'" said OU senior Jacky Ray. "I've never really heard of too many crazy things going on on campus. This is scary for me to hear because I walk on campus by myself sometimes."

The man is described as white, about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a slim build, brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt and shorts.

The students said while it's unsettling, it's better to know about the incident. They gave campus police credit for keeping them up to speed.

"They send out alerts right away," Sheikh said. "They have an escort service at night, so if someone wants to talk to them, they will be on the phone with you or right next to you walking you to your car."

Anyone with information is asked to call Oakland University police at 248-370-3331.

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