Mystery surrounds shooting of 15-year-old boy on Detroit's east side

Jaylon Turner critically wounded in Detroit shooting

DETROIT – Police have a lot of questions about the shooting of a 15-year-old boy at a home on Detroit's east side.

Jaylon Turner was critically wounded Friday in a shooting inside his family's home on Runyan Street near the Coleman A. Young International Airport.

Jaylon was shot in the head just after midnight Friday.

"He's never been in trouble," said Donnie Marsh Sr., a loved one of the victim. "He goes to Lions Academy. I didn't see this one coming."

A family member told police they heard what sounded like a gunshot, and believed the weapon was fired by someone inside the home. But investigators could not find a gun.

"Bullets don't have names," Marsh said. "I don't even know where he got a gun from, or why there was a gun in the house. It's just real tragic."

Marsh said his four children and the victim's siblings were at home when the gun was fired.

"It touched a nerve that's real, real close," Marsh said. "That's why I'm right here now, just seeing what I can see."

Jaylon was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.

"I'm hoping that he pulls through," Marsh said. "If someone knows something or has seen something, hit the investigators up. Let them know what's going on. Young people, stay away from around guns, period."

Detroit police are trying to determine whether the gun was fired from inside or outside the home. They are also investigating whether it was a stray bullet or if Jaylon was targeted in the shooting.

The family recently dealt with the death of another child.

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