Southgate residents asked to pay more taxes for improved city parks

City asks residents to tax themselves more for benefit of children

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – As September ends, it's becoming election season, and residents will start seeing ballot proposals pop up.

In Southgate, the small and frugal community is asking residents to tax themselves more for the good of the children.

Proposal R stands for "renew our parks." It's a millage vote that will be on the ballot in November. It's something the city hasn't spent money on in about 30 years in some cases, but now they point to the outdated playground equipment and say residents have to bite the bullet.

Southgate's parks appear to be noticeably outdated when compared to neighboring towns.

Debra Smith said she takes her rambunctious grandsons, Lincoln and Luca, to Wyandotte to play when they're not at home.

A nice facelift is planned for Homer Howard, the city's largest and most used park. The other parks marked for improvements are Kiwanas, Rotary Cobb and Lions parks.

City administrator John Zech said the township held off for as long as it could.

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