Detroit police arrest sex assault suspect who was found in bed with girlfriend's teenage daughter

Kevin Price wanted for sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl

Kevin Price has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old girl in Detroit. (WDIV)
Kevin Price has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old girl in Detroit. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Detroit police have arrested a man who was wanted for sexual assault after his girlfriend found him in bed with her 15-year-old daughter.

A search began Friday for Kevin Price, 35, who fled a home on Marlowe Street when his girlfriend returned home from work to find her naked teenage daughter in a bed with him.

Price was found Monday afternoon in a vacant home near Marlowe Street, police said.

Woman finds boyfriend in bed with daughter

Price's girlfriend works overnight, and she returned home from work around 4:30 p.m. Friday. When she found Price in the bed, she said she flew into a rage.

"Why is my daughter in bed with you and she doesn't have on any clothes?" she said. "I just snapped and went crazy. He pushed me down the stairs."

The woman said she grabbed a knife and stabbed her boyfriend, who was also being attacked by the family's dog.

"I stabbed him once there, and then he ended up pushing me down," she said. "My dog started attacking him and he got to the front door."

Teenager says Price threatened to kill her

The 15-year-old girl told police that Price threatened to kill her and her mother if she told anyone about his violent actions.

He's been in a relationship with the teen's mother for the last four years.

"I said, 'Did he touch you?'" the mother said. "She was, like, 'Yes.' I just went crazy from there because I know she's not lying."

She took a job as a security officer about three weeks ago and took on more shifts. Price wasn't working, so she said he was alone with the children. She said her daughter started withdrawing almost right away.

Massive manhunt begins

Detroit police set up a perimeter on Marlowe Street east of Fenkell Avenue.

James McClain, who lives down the street, said Price was hiding from police in an open van.

"(He was) trying to get away," McClain said. "Hiding from the police."

Price is a parole absconder who has done prison time for unlawful imprisonment, multiple weapons charges and assault.

Police said the woman is in no legal jeopardy for defending her daughter and going after Price with a knife.

Three other young children that the woman has with Price were in the home. Children's Services is opening up a case involving those children.