NAACP Detroit chapter calling for governor to take action in Michigan State Police controversies

DETROIT – The Detroit chapter of the NAACP held a news conference Tuesday calling for Gov. Rick Snyder address a lack of diversity in the Michigan State Police force and the role of the Michigan State Police director after drawing criticism for sharing a controversial post on social media about protests in the NFL.

Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony sent an official request to Snyder for a meeting after state police Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue shared a meme on her Facebook account calling NFL players “a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates.”

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Etue has since apologized and met with the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus

“It was a mistake to share this message on Facebook and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended,” Etue said in a message released days after the post. “I will continue my focus on unity at the Michigan State Police and in communities across Michigan.”

She said she would not resign and Snyder said he will not fire her.

"She did not apologize," Anthony said during Tuesday's news conference. "She apologized for getting caught on Facebook. She did not apologize to the people that she offended."

Watch the news conference here: 

The social media post is not the only controversy following Michigan State Police, as the department is facing a lawsuit claiming racism. A Local 4 Defenders investigation revealed a dwindling number of black troopers on the force and even fewer coming out of the academy.

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