Humane Society donation box stolen from restaurant in Monroe County

Money raised to help stray animals is stolen from restaurant

MONROE COUNTY, Mich. – A box of cash and coins donated to help stray cats and dogs was taken from a Monroe County restaurant, and the Humane Society is trying to find the person responsible.

The person was caught on video stealing the donation box from A&W, and officials are asking for the public's help identifying them.

"It's ridiculous is what it is," said Shelley Taylor, the executive director of the Humane Society of Monroe County.

Surveillance video shows the man looking at the donation box inside the restaurant before he hid it under his clothes.

You can watch the surveillance footage in the video posted above.

"Literally just put it in his coat and walked away with it," Taylor said. "To think that somebody would just walk in and walk away from that. They're literally -- as a nonprofit -- they're taking not only from the agency, but they're taking funds from the animals."

The Humane Society doesn't receive money from the government, so it depends on local money from dozens of donation boxes.

"Our donation boxes throughout Monroe County play a huge part in our monthly support," Taylor said.

Now the Humane Society is looking for help from the community to track down the man so the money can go back to where it belongs.

"We are here to help these animals find their forever homes," Taylor said.

Taylor has a message for the man who stole the donation money.

"There's no reason in the world that you would take funds from a nonprofit organization, so whatever he thought he had, there's no reason in the world that somebody would walk away with a box that supports a locally funded agency," Taylor said.

The Human Society is working with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, and it plans to press charges.

Anyone who knows the man is asked to call police.

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