VIDEO: Swedish thieves jump from hood of speeding car in daring truck heist

Authorities caught up with a Swedish gang after they were caught on video pulling off daring, high-speed robberies on moving trucks. Swedish postal service PostNord released footage of the "Fast and Furious"-style heists Wednesday.

The video shows two men jumping into the back of a truck from the hood of a moving car with its lights off. After looking through the cargo, the thieves jump back out onto the tailing vehicle.

During the summer, PostNord became aware of the recurring thefts that would happen on the same stretch of highway in Sweden. They contacted local authorities once the thefts had been caught on video.

Watch the video above.

The footage also shows the moment that two thieves were caught in mid-September.

The PostNord security team said they were watching the surveillance footage live, hoping to catch the thieves in the act. Once two suspects entered the truck, the team instructed the driver to brake the vehicle, trapping the thieves inside, which allowed officers in unmarked vehicles to capture the criminals. 

The four members of the gang were arrested and two of them have confessed to the crime.


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