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Beatificaition Mass to be held Saturday


DETROIT – The Beatification Mass for Fr. Solanus Casey will be held Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 at Ford Field in Detroit. 

A member of the Capuchin Franciscan Order of St. Joseph in Detroit and one of the co-founders of the city’s Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Father Casey was born Nov. 25, 1870 and died July 31, 1957. He will be the second American-born male to be beatified. The first is Father Stanley Rother, a North American priest who died in 1981 and was beatified on Sept. 23.

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We'd love to hear your story or a story you heard from a friend or family member about Fr. Solanus Casey.

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Here are some stories we've already received: 

"Back in 1944 my mother was pregnant with me and was told by doctors that she had to have her appendix out and that she would lose the baby. She went to see Fr. Solanus who after blessing her told her to go home and have a healthy baby -- she never did have her appendix out." -- Dorothy Dube

"Six years ago my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Before anything could be done he went into septic shock and was in a coma for a month and not expected to make it. We were in shock as all of this happened very suddenly. We went to pray to Father Solanus for more time with our father. We were granted a miracle. My father came out of his coma. The doctors said it was a miracle and they had never seen anything like it for how bad my dad was. We were blessed with two more years with our dad." -- Rose Decker

"Father Solanus answered my prayers in 1999. My son was suffering from a very serious liver condition and was at the U of M hospital. He was in serious condition and at the time his prognosis was uncertain. At the same time my daughter ran into a cement truck and was in a coma for five days.  I prayed to Father Solanus for strength to deal with whatever outcome we had to face. My prayers were answered beyond my expectation and both are doing well. He is definitely a miracle worker." -- Christine Burke

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