VIDEO: North Korean defector escapes across border while being shot at

Video was released by the United Nations Command on Tuesday showing the dramatic escape, shooting and rescue of a North Korean defector earlier this month.

The footage shows a North Korean soldier speeding down a tree-lined road near the South Korean border before crashing his vehicle. The soldier then makes a run for it.

Other soldiers from the North arrive and fire shots at the defector as he crosses the border.

Watch the video above.

The defecting soldier is seen taking cover in a pile of leaves against a wall. Several minutes later, three South Korean soldiers crawl to the defector and drag him to safety.

North and South Korea are separated by a heavily-fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ). According to the UN Command, North Korea violated the Korean War armistice by firing across the DMZ at the defector.

One North Korean soldier is seen in the video running across the military demarcation line after the defector -- another violation of the armistice.

Hospital officials said Wednesday that the 24-year-old soldier has regained consciousness and is undergoing further treatment. He was shot at least two times and had lost more than 50% of his blood by time he arrived at the hospital.

The soldier is the third member of the North Korean armed forces to defect this year.

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