Metro Detroit woman finds unique way to raise donations for women all over the world

Mallory Brown works to empower women to start their own businesses

DETROIT – It's the time of year when organizations are asking people to donate, but many are reluctant because they don't see firsthand where the money goes.

Now, a Metro Detroit woman is making donating to a cause a real-life experience.

Mallory Brown, 31, is making her mark all around the world.

"I wanted to empower (women) to start their own businesses," Brown said.

Brown loves to travel and help others, so she decided to combine both.

"I published a crowd fundraiser to raise 30 grand in 24 hours, to provide 30 jobs," Brown said.

She went to Ethiopia to help women.

"The first is opening a barbershop and beauty salon," Brown said. "Ten women will breed and raise cattle."

Brown raises money and helps those in need quickly because she connects those giving to those receiving.

She'll FaceTime with people halfway around the world to show where the money is going and who they are helping.

"I produce philanthropic campaigns all around the world that tell stories of charity and tell stories of kindness, and on a global scale, and then I activate audiences here to become involved and to give back and to help," Brown said.

What does she mean by activate and audience?

"I mean, you would absolutely say yes if you were here experiencing it," Brown said. "So my whole career has been, 'How do I capture that feeling and share it with people and then personally involve them?'"

She recently had a campaign in Detroit.

"The BBque was at risk of collapse," Brown said. "I wanted to give a permanent home. I needed $10,000 and only had 24 hours."

She uses time as an advantage to push those to donate, as she typically will try to raise all the money in a 24-hour period. She knows how the money is being spent.

"We just bought a whole bunch of food for the BBque tomorrow," Brown said.

It didn't take long to surpass her goal through crowdfunding websites, social media and corporate sponsors.

One day the money is raised, and the next the BBque facility is built. Throughout all of it, she sends thank-you notes online. She wants people who donate to feel appreciated.

"I'm trying to be that link that shows them, 'Here's how you can help. Here's a direct way to help,'" Brown said. "We live in a connected world now, and with social media you can share videos and I can FaceTime from the middle of Kenya."

A global marathon to help woman is next for Brown. It's called Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, and she'll walk one mile at a time with women all around the world. It will include 26 women, 26 miles and 26 stories of strength, and she'll be FaceTimeing and connecting with donors all the way.

"A lot of people know Detroit, and I love our city and all the work that's happening," Brown said. "But to me, there's no reason why Detroit can't be the place that changes the whole world, and that's really what I'm trying to do, and I'm representing my city."

Brown is looking for donors, and you can visit her website by clicking here.

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