Family sees 21-year-old man die in backyard after shooting on Detroit's east side

21-year-old Detroit man fatally shot during winter storm

DETROIT – A homeowner on Detroit's east side is shaken after a shooting victim collapsed and died in his backyard.

The shooting happened around 9 p.m. Wednesday on Boleyn Road near I-94 and Cadieux Road. The shots came so close to the home that the family members inside said they dropped to the floor for cover.

"We were inside eating when we heard one gunshot," the homeowner said. "So she told the kids to get down."

The man, his wife and their two daughters were forced to take cover inside their home because of the gunfire.

"Two more gunshots came," he said. "She told them all to get down. She turned out all the lights, and then I was still in the back, so I heard the guy moaning. He moaned, like, four or five times."

The shooting happened during the peak of Wednesday night's severe winter storm. The victim jumped the fence into the family's backyard and collapsed on the ground.

Police said the family called 911, and a homicide investigation unfolded right outside the back door.

The victim is a 21-year-old man from Detroit, police said. His heartbroken family and friends shared their tributes on social media.

The gunman could have been caught on the home's multiple cameras, but the homeowner said they weren't recording.

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