Donations to family's Christmas display helping fallen deputy's family

Home on Ridgeway Drive raises more than just Christmas spirit

ROCHESTER, Mich. – A display in Rochester is one of those elaborate setups where you tune in on the radio and the lights are choreographed to the music, but what makes the display special is the money it raises every year for charity.

On the 1100 block of Ridgeway Drive in Rochester is a winter wonderland meant to brighten the holiday for all who stop and tune in.

It's the home of the Sattmann family, and it raises more than just the Christmas spirit.

"We started this about 10 years ago," John Sattmann said. "It was just a good way to raise money. The first year I raised money for Kiwanis and then picked other charities."

"I guess anything just really close to home we usually choose, which is nice, because like everyone local loves it," Sammy Sattmann said.

But more than just the locals have come to love it over the years.

This year, it's drawing even more attention because of where the donations will be going -- to the family of fallen Oakland County sheriff's deputy Eric Overall.

"I really hope that people will come out and open up their pockets because I can't imagine losing a father, a loved one, a family member, you know, during the holiday season," John Sattmann said.

Donations vary every year. They've gotten $500 and as much as $2,000 and they're very excited to see how much they get this year to give to Overall's family.

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