Drivers surrounded, chased during suspicious roadway incidents in Wayne County

Suspicious vehicles reported in Huron and Sumpter townships

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Reports of bizarre activity on rural southeast Michigan roads has two Wayne County police departments on the lookout.

Police are concerned that suspicious driving could escalate into something much more sinister in Huron and Sumpter townships.

The suspicious behavior happened Thursday night on the border of the two townships near Willow and Haggerty roads, Willow and Waltz roads and Clark and Judd roads.

A young woman just miles from her home first encountered two cars after 11 p.m. Thursday. One car drove straight at her in her lane with only the flashers on. She tried to avoid the car, but it followed her. Another car picked up the chase, and before she knew it, she felt surrounded.

Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins said he's uncertain what they're dealing with.

"There's a lot of dangers," Robbins said. "Someone can crash into a ditch, a tree. There are questions about the intentions of these individuals."

About 10 minutes later, police received a similar call a few miles away. Two cars with flashers were on the side of a dirt road, and when a woman drove past thinking they were working on a broken car, they started chasing after her, harassing her and blocking the road. She fled to safety.

Once word of the incidents hit social media, a third man came forward and told police he'd experienced a similar chase within minutes of the others.

"It's unfortunate we do not know what their intentions are, so we want to make sure that everybody's vigilant, aware of their surroundings, and they're contacting us immediately if they have anything like this happen to them," Robbins said.

A black 2012 Ford Focus ST has been mentioned in connection with the incidents. Another car is described as a burgundy Pontiac G6, and a third is a late-model Ford truck.

Anyone who has information is asked to call the Sumpter Township Police Department at 734-461-4833 or the Huron Township Police Department at 734-753-4400.

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