Southgate sushi restaurant burglary caught on surveillance footage

Culprit broke two glass doors to enter closed restaurant

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A burglar made off with a cash register after breaking into Sushi Q on Eureka Road Thursday morning.

"I've been stressed real hard," Sushi Q owner Jason Pak said. "To set up this place took me five months."

Pak is proud of the restaurant's success since it opened five months ago. He's proud of the food, the prices and that his customers are happy.

"We have a good reputation," Pak said. "Good reviews -- Facebook, Yelp, Google -- everywhere."

His pride in his restaurant has made the events Thursday morning all the more upsetting to him. At approximately 12:30 a.m., a man broke into the restaurant by smashing the glass on two doors. The culprit walked in, grabbed the cash register and walked out the way he came in.

Pak said the business had already closed for the night and that the register had already been settled. He said it contained a maximum of $150.

Pak was in the back office and witnessed the break-in in real time on surveillance camera video.

"I was going to come out," Pak said. "And I saw that he had something in his hand. I said, 'I'm better off.'"

Rather than confront the robber, who could have had a weapon, Pak called police. Southgate detectives are working to identify the man who harmed Pak more emotionally rather than financially.

"Should I open the restaurant with the door like that?" Pak said of the broken glass door, patched with chip board.

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