Detroit shop owner sees spike in thefts after installing Project Green Light cameras

Gas station owner says Green Light cameras haven't stopped crime

DETROIT – When it rolled out nearly two years ago, Detroit's Project Green Light was billed as a revolutionary way to fight crime in the city, but one shop owner on the city's east side isn't seeing the benefits.

The shop owner said petty crime and thefts have increased since the Green Light cameras were installed.

Green Light cameras capture crystal clear, high-definition images of the Citgo gas station at State Fair Avenue and Dequindre Street. Live video was sent back to Detroit police that showed a pair of men walking in with bags in their hands.

The men went on a stealing spree, filling up the bags, with no worries about being caught or having an officer dispatched to the gas station.

Video showed the same gas station filling up with people last week at midnight. One by one, people took what they wanted and walked out with no concern about being caught.

Walter Gildersleeve said he fills up at the station because its owner invested $6,000 in the Green Light project.

Last week, the owner showed Gildersleeve how three shelves in the shop had been cleared by a man with a bag who entered to steal food. But he said nothing has been done about it.

Detroit police said special attention has been paid to the shop this month, and it will continue to receive more attention. Police said the shop owner needs to call after every incident so that it can be properly investigated.

Police said this month there has only been one reported larceny at the gas station, but they are investigating other unreported incidents and have leads on potential suspects.

The shop owner said he called after the incidents on Dec. 15 and Friday.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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