Two-Faced cat bucks the odds

Kitty has two noses, three eyes, two mouths

Eastern Cape, South Africa
Eastern Cape, South Africa (Google Maps)

A South African kitten is getting worldwide attention.

Bettie Bee was born with two faces – two noses, three eyes and two mouths, according to the “Today” show.

“She's amazing -- I still look at her and can't believe she's real,” said Bettie Bee's rescuer, who has asked to stay anonymous, told The Dodo.

She was born Dec. 12 in Eastern Cape, South Africa, “Today” said. A veterinarian initially recommended euthanasia.

According to “Today,” Bettie Bee eats via a feeding tube and purrs with both mouths.

"But she was, at one day old then, very feisty. We wanted to give her a chance. And she’s been

"Her personality is very full of life and feisty from the first day,” her rescuer said. “She is also very happy and purrs a lot, especially after each feeding when her tummy is full."