Detroit firefighters work to keep equipment running through dangerously cold weather

Record-breaking cold hits Metro Detroit

DETROIT – First responders are battling the freezing temperatures in Metro Detroit this week, and they're also trying to make sure their lifesaving equipment works in the record-breaking cold.

Fire Capt. Chris Dixon has been with the Detroit Fire Department for 31 years, and 22-year-old Tyler Gasko is a rookie. Right now, the conversations between old and new firefighters are all about the weather and their equipment.

The equipment is prepared before there's a call and, with the cold temperatures, the connections to the fire hoses can often freeze.

The gear firefighters wear often has to be changed in the middle of a fire. Dixon said that, during an apartment fire on Tuesday, crew members had steam coming from their gear when they left the apartment.

When the work is done, instead of loading the gear back onto the truck, the hoses go in the warmer after every single run.

You can watch Nick Monacelli's full story in the video posted above.

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