LOOK: $1.3 million bottle of vodka featured on 'House of Cards' stolen from Copenhagen bar

Police in Copenhagen, Denmark are investigating after a bottle of vodka claimed to be the world's most expensive was stolen from a bar early Tuesday. The theft was captured on surveillance video.

The bottle, made from gold and silver with a diamond encrusted cap and a leather strap from a 1912 Monte Carlo rally car, is reportedly worth $1.3 million.

HJÆLP ...har for første gang brug for hjælp ...Nogen har i nat været inde “med nøgle” og stjæle min vodka russo Baltique...

Posted by Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Surveillance video shows a masked thief in the display room with a flashlight, looking for the bottle. When the thief spots it, they snatch it off the shelf and quickly leave.

Watch the video above. 

The Russo-Baltique vodka was on loan to Café 33, which had a collection on display. The bar's owner, Brian Ingberg, said the bottle was in his collection for half a year. He said the one-of-a-kind bottle comes from the Dartz Factory in Russia, which makes the world's most expensive cars and vodka.

The vodka was once featured in the political-thriller series House of Cards.

Ingberg believes the thief had a key that allowed them to enter the bar and break into the vodka collection.

Copenhagen police are investigating the theft.

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