Thrillist: This is the most underrated place in Michigan

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Michigan has countless places to visit - but is one underrated?

Thrillist released a list of the most underrated places in every state. "Every state in this country has something -- be it a park, a museum, a mountain, hell, an entire freaking city -- that's downright fantastic but just doesn't get the credit it's due."

Using local writers, state tourism boards and visitors bureaus, they came up with a full list of 50 places.

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In Michigan, the most underrated place was Marquette. Here's what they wrote about it:

Why you need to go: Michigan's Upper Peninsula might be the most untamed wilderness in the lower 48, but you still want a little taste of civilization while you're there. That’s what makes Marquette so great: you're on the shore of Lake Superior and can enjoy 85 miles of beach in the summer and some of America’s best cross-country skiing in the winter. But when you're done paddling and skiing, this city of only 21,000 rocks FOUR breweries, small-roaster coffee houses, a local theater company, and even its own symphony orchestra.

Must-do: Climb Mount Sugarloaf. Not huge, but it's the biggest mountain you'll get to in Michigan outside of the Porcupines. Easy hike, everybody can do it. We all win.

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