Family dog fatally attacked by coyote prowling around Canton

Police warn residents about dangers of coyotes attacking pets

CANTON, Mich. – Canton residents are on edge after a pet was killed by a coyote in a family's backyard.

Video surfaced of a coyote prowling in a backyard of a Canton home near Denton and Cherry Hill roads. It's becoming a more common sight for residents in the area, and it led to a devastating loss for Tom and Gail Lewis.

"Please, you can never be too safe, and that was our baby," Gail Lewis said.

Gail Lewis let their 16-year-old Jack Russell, Biggy, out to use the bathroom on Friday night.

"I went to check on him after less than a minute, probably, and he was gone," she said.

The couple began searching and saw Biggy stumbling from the ditch.

"We could see he had wounds on his head, neck," Tom Lewis said. "He was bleeding."

They took Biggy to the vet and were told a coyote was to blame. They had to put Biggy down.

"Even if your dog is out for a second, go with your dog," Gail Lewis said.

Officials are urging residents to be on the lookout and keep their pets close.

"I'd ask not to create opportunities for coyotes," Canton Police Department Deputy Director Chad Baugh said. "Keep an eye out. Don't attract coyotes. Be aware."

Police said residents shouldn't feed coyotes or leave food outside.

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