Genesee County man wins more than $100,000 playing Michigan Lottery online game

Plans to invest winnings into his own business


LANSING – A Flushing resident was passing time at home on a Friday night when he won $100,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Multiplier Max Out game online.

“I was playing online and when I won, I shouted ‘No way! I think I just won $100,000!’” Matt Goss said. “I had to look at my phone a few times and I even took a screenshot to make sure it was real.

“After I won, I played a little more and won another $7,500 on a Keno game!”

Goss recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim his $100,000 prize. He plans to invest the money in his construction business.

“Winning $100,000 online was a great experience, and it will be nice to have the extra money to invest in my business,” Goss said.