Metro Detroit residents brave sudden winter weather turnaround

Snow greets Southeast Michigan day after temperatures in 50s

DETROIT – The snowy weather is something people living in Michigan might be used to, but the abrupt turnaround from 50-degree temperatures to snow shocked even some natives.

Shoveling snow is just something Thomas Valderas is used to.

"Well, I've got my thermal, my work hoodie, my work shirt," Valderas said.

But on Thursday, his wardrobe was different, as temperatures in Metro Detroit were in the 50s.

"I was just in a T-shirt and regular jeans," Valderas said.

It's a change welcomed by many people.

"Yesterday, people probably had their windows down," Kimberly Roland said. "I saw people without jackets. Then today, here we are."

"I don’t mind the snow," Anthony Cobb said. "Yesterday was beautiful, though. But the transition was pretty tough."

It wasn't just a tough transition. It's a rough dose of reality for residents as snow covered the ground and roads once again. The snow caused some drivers to slide off the road. It’s a reminder to be careful when driving.

"Pay attention," said Diane Cross, of the Michigan Department of Transportation. "Both hands on the wheel. Both eyes looking through the windshield. Distracted driving is a problem, whether we have dry conditions or snowy conditions."

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