Rockwood man charged after police find woman's body wrapped in plastic

Woman found dead inside home they shared

ROCKWOOD, Mich. – A Rockwood man is in custody and charged with concealing a body, after police found a woman dead and wrapped in plastic inside the home they shared.

Police are still waiting for the autopsy results, but told Local 4 the woman has been dead for some time.

"We had banging on our door in the middle of the night," Robert Tomich said.

Tomich said the loud knocks early Sunday morning woke him up.

"I came out to see what was wrong, and the gentleman was in his boxers and his T-shirt in the weather, and seemed really disoriented," Tomich said.

Tomich said that gentleman was his next-door neighbor.

"Couldn’t really speak, very clearly, about what was going on, he said 12 armed gunmen, and women and children in the house, so, of course, I ran and called 911," Tomich said.

Police Chief Randy Krause said that story about the armed robbery, wasn't true, but they did find something else.

"In the process of clearing the residence, we found that there was a deceased female’s body inside that was wrapped in plastic," Krause said.

Krause said it appears the woman has been dead for some time now, and police are still trying to connect the dots. He said the couple was living in the home together and now, the man is in custody.

"We believe that it was possibly a domestic situation, but since we don’t have a cause of death, we’re going to reserve our call on that," Krause said.

"The thing is, no one really knows exactly what the circumstances are or what happened," Tomich said.

The person of interest has been charged with concealing a body. The police chief said more charges could be coming once the autopsy results are completed.

As of now, they have not released the names of both the victim and person of interest.

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