2 young children, couple in their 20s killed in Rose Township mobile home fire

Four people killed in mobile home fire

ROSE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Four people are dead from a deadly fire at a mobile home in Rose Township, including two children, just 2 and 5 years old.

"There's just nothing I can do," family friend David Peters said. "I just know that I'm standing 10 feet away from where these people are dying, and I can't do anything."

Peters said he wanted to do more.

The adult victims, Brittani Rodden and Jonathan Taulbee, were in their 20s. Five-year-old Carter and 2-year-old Wesley were also killed.

"You couldn't go in the house," Peters said. "It was just shooting flames up above the roof."

The roof is now melted and twisted. The Rose Township mobile home is barely standing. The only things untouched are the toys on the ground, showing that kids lived there.

"What do you say?" Peters asked. "You're standing there, and I know Glen, and that's his kids and grandkids in there."

Fire crews have not released the names of the victims. They're still investigating the cause of the fire.

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