Chunk of concrete crashes through man's windshield on I-696

Kevin Tozer uninjured after piece of concrete damages car

OAK PARK, Mich. – A Wixom man is lucky to be alive Wednesday after his routine drive down I-696 near Southfield Road abruptly ended with a piece of concrete smashing through his windshield.

"I was very fortunate, no doubt about it," Kevin Tozer said.

Tozer was fortunate that nobody was in the passenger seat and that none of his children were in their car seats when the incident happened.

The whole interior of his vehicle was showered in glass.

A hunk of concrete missed Tozer's head by a matter of inches.

"I think I have a couple of guardian angels and God looking out for me, and I really think that's what it came down to," Tozer said.

He kept his wits about him and didn't swerve into any of the other lanes and ultimately got off the road and called 911.

Michigan State Police troopers have been at the scene trying to figure out where it came from. They're trying to figure out if somebody threw it or if a piece of the overpass got kicked up.

"I would like to think it was just an unfortunate thing (such as) a semi kicking it up," Tozer said.

After the tow truck came, Tozer went home and hugged his wife and children. He said he's not bent out of shape about the damage to his car, which is considerable.

"i'm just really lucky that I'm standing here talking to you uninjured, and nobody else got hurt, too," Tozer said.

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