Dakota High School principal surprises students with uniforms for basketball tournament

Dakota High School in Macomb Township hosts annual tournament

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Dakota High School in Macomb Township hosted its annual Special Olympics basketball tournament this week, and it came with an exciting new feature.

In past years, students in the Creative Learning Program participated in the tournament with no uniforms. But that wasn't the case this year.

It's not a typical basketball game. The children who played on the court are a part of the Creative Learning Program, and from what many students and parents say, they have a little bit more heart and passion for the game.

"I am so really excited," Collin Jeffers said.

"If I win, I will bring Dakota High School to victory," Phillip Coker said.

It's a victory they wear with pride. This year, they played for the first time in actual uniforms, which were a gift of support from their leader.

"These kids are just absolutely amazing, and that reminder of why we do what we do as educators," Principal Paul Sibley said.

That's why Sibley bought the team new uniforms.

"We thought, you know, we should look good while we do this," Sibley said. "It's hard to explain unless you're in our building. The CLP program is one of the biggest points of pride in our school. These kids bring a change to our atmosphere."

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