Detroit man says he was brutally attacked by homeless couple he allowed in his home

Erick Brown released from hospital following apparent beating

DETROIT – A Detroit man said he is recovering after he was brutally attacked and beaten by a homeless couple he allowed inside his home.

Black eyes and bruises covered Erick Brown’s face Friday afternoon, just hours after he was released from the hospital.

Brown said he was attacked Tuesday night by a homeless man and woman he let stay inside his home.

"They started hitting me with objects around the house," Brown said. "They just started hitting me."

Brown said one of the objects was a drill. Brown’s father, Kevin Brown, said the couple even allowed their pit bull to attack him.

"His back looked like it was whipped with an old fashion whip from the dog’s claws," Kevin Brown said.

Erick Brown said after the attack he was able to make it to a nearby shelter, where workers called for help.

"The one local hospital lady said he was probably lucky it was so cold out, because it froze up his blood," Kevin Brown said.

Erick Brown is well known for traveling the country in his bus with his goat, spreading messages of peace and love and broadcasting it on YouTube. It's a message he said he will continue to spread despite this one incident.

Police are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of the man and woman to call police.

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