Government shutdown impacts Michigan military members, Metro Airport workers

TSA employees working without pay

ROMULUS, Mich. – While the government is shut down, TSA workers at Detroit Metro Airport and across the country aren't getting paid.

They, along with members of the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board, are working to keep airports open and secure without knowledge of when they will get their paychecks.

The workers will get back pay, but they won't see the money until senators can reach a deal to fund the government.

Active duty military members also will not receive paychecks during the shutdown.

The Traud family from Westland was at the airport to see their Army son, Nicholas, for two hours before he travels overseas. Like the TSA employees, he won't get paid until a deal is reached.

"They are serving our country. Anyone serving our country should be getting paid for it," Ken Traud, Nicholas' father, said.

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