Missing dog belonging to family of fallen Wayne State police Sgt. Collin Rose found safe

Dog got away from Rose's fiancee Tuesday

Marsha the dog is back home.
Marsha the dog is back home.

DETROIT – A dog belonging to the family of fallen Wayne State University police Sgt. Collin Rose was found safe this weekend.

She was caught by the Lost Dog Search Team.


Marsha the dog was rescued by Rose and his fiancee, Nikki, before Rose was fatally shot in November 2016. On Tuesday evening, Nikki and Marsha were walking out of the veterinarian's office at Rochester Road and South Boulevard in Rochester Hills when the dog slipped out of her collar and ran away.

Nikki said that Marsha's tail started wagging as soon as they pulled into the garage and she was excited to see the other dogs.

Marsha is the link back to the days when the three were together, so she means a lot to the family.

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