Larry Nassar sentencing: Day 5 is here as students call for Michigan State president to resign

More Nassar victims to speak at sentencing

LANSING, Mich. – As the sentencing for former sports physician Larry Nassar continues Monday, students question how Michigan State University handled the entire situation. 

The school's Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting this past week after calling on the state's attorney general to look into the university's role in the Nassar sexual abuse case. 

Chairman Brian Breslin said the Board stands behind President Lou Ann K. Simon. However, the student body and other state leaders want her to resign

Simon sent a letter to the community discussing policy changes. 

"I believe we have achieved much on this front over the last year and a half, although I understand introducing new procedures does not change what happened to Nassar's victims or the pain they feel," Simon wrote. 

Student body President Lorenzo Santavicca believes the new procedures show progress, but he said it's just not enough. 

"One of the biggest things for students, again, is we need to see the Board take action here. They have been elected by the state of Michigan to oversee this administration, and it seems like they have been very complacent with things," said Santavicca. "Until there is a change in leadership students are still going to be pretty uneasy."

The sentencing resumes at 9 a.m. Monday. About 80 victims spoke last week. About 20 more victims are expected Monday morning. 

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