Man found fatally shot inside car that slammed into building on Detroit's east side

Car crashes into building after driver fatally shot

DETROIT – A police investigation began Monday morning after a car slammed into a building after the driver was fatally shot on Detroit’s east side.

The crash happened on Coventry Street, near John R Street and East State Fair Avenue.

Calls were made to 911 at about 8:30 a.m. about a Cadillac that crashed into a building. The vehicle missed a fire hydrant by inches.

Detroit police officers set up two different crime scene locations: one at the scene of the crash and one a block north where they say the shots were originally fired.

The vehicle’s passenger window was shot out. It is unclear if the shots were fired from inside the car or at the vehicle from outside.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office, the vehicle had a license plate police were under orders to confiscate because it was either a fraudulent application, or improper or invalid insurance.

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