Broken elevators leave seniors feeling trapped inside Detroit apartment complex

Residents frustrated by elevator problems at Detroit apartment

DETROIT – When the elevators go down in high-rise buildings, there are always concerns, and for residents living in the Sheridan Place Apartments on East Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, it's been a problem for weeks.

"They repair (the elevators), and it works maybe for a day if we're lucky, then it goes out," resident John Pilette said.

Many elderly and disabled residents live in the building, and they're frustrated that they can't get into their units.

"I've got older people on the first floor who live on the 13th floor," Pilette said. "They can't get up and down the stairs."

One resident who is confined to her wheelchair couldn't leave her apartment all ay. She worried about the potential for an emergency.

Residents said their calls and complaints to the Housing Commission have gone unanswered.

"I've called downtown," Pilette said. "I've called everybody, and sent emails out, and nobody is responding."

Detroit officials said this was the first complaint they've received about the elevators. They promised to send an emergency maintenance crew out, and within an hour, there was a crew at the complex.

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.