Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder takes victory lap in final State of the State Address

Snyder covers variety of topics during 2018 State of the State

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder covered many topics Friday during his final State of the State Address in Lansing.

Snyder saved specifics for upcoming special messages. The first will be on how to educate and retain talent in the state. But he also made pointed remarks to the Legislature about fiscal responsibility.

About 45 minutes of Snyder's address was a victory lap. He recited a laundry list of successes, from economics to robotics. But then he directly addressed the Legislature.

"Now, let me talk about fiscally responsible government," Snyder said. "I mentioned it already, but being fiscally responsible is more than just balancing budgets."

The Legislature is proposing tax cuts for everyone that are greater than what the governor is proposing. If he vetoes them, the Legislature is expected to override his veto. Despite Snyder's pointed comments, legislators are ready to act.

Snyder also called on a need for civility in our political process, which got bipartisan kudos.

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