Driver sentenced to 1 year in jail for drunkenly crashing into crowded bus stop in Warren

Gary Daleo pleaded no contest to operating while intoxicated, reckless driving

Gary Daleo was sentenced to one year in jail for injuring six people in a crash at a bus stop in Warren. (WDIV)
Gary Daleo was sentenced to one year in jail for injuring six people in a crash at a bus stop in Warren. (WDIV)

WARREN, Mich. – A Roseville man was sentenced Thursday morning for driving under the influence and crashing into a crowded bus stop in Warren.

Gary Daleo, 56, was behind the wheel of a pickup truck that plowed into six people on Aug. 2 near 12 Mile Road and Van Dyke.

Four people were pinned underneath the truck, and five of the six people hurt were taken to the hospital with broken bones.

Daleo pleaded no contest to three counts of operating while intoxicated and three counts of reckless driving causing serious injury.

Cynthia Gracer addressed the court at the sentencing hearing, explaining the extent of her injuries.

“I ended up underneath the truck from the waist down,” Gracer said. “Both legs, I couldn’t walk on.”

Daleo spoke before sentencing, telling the court he never meant to hurt anyone. He pleaded for the court to offer him a second chance.

“I’ve worked hard all my life and never been in any trouble,” Daleo said. “My history has been good and I just don’t want this one day, even though it was tragic and I know I can’t reverse it, I don’t want it to be a mark on my life today because I would never hurt a soul.”

The judge told Daleo he seemed remorseful.

“You appear to have lived a good life up to this point,” the judge said. “Your blood alcohol level was actually below the legal limit, it was .07 and the legal limit is .08, yet your decision to drive, your negligence, your bad judgement, injured six people.”

Daleo was sentenced to one year in the Macomb County Jail.

Video shows horrifying crash

Local 4 obtained video that shows the heart-stopping moment of impact as the truck crashed into the bus stop, which was full of people because of the rain.

All six people inside the bus stop survived the crash but suffered injuries. Four people were rescued by firefighters after being pinned under the truck, officials said.

Warren police investigated the crash and surveillance video from the Subway restaurant nearby was released.

Video shows the driver losing control of the truck on 12 Mile Road and taking out a SMART bus stop vestibule and the six people inside it.

Pictures of the aftermath show four of the victims trapped underneath the truck. 

Driver suspected of drunken driving

Police arrested the 55-year-old Roseville driver on suspicion of drunken driving

Investigators said the pickup driver lost control and smashed into the bus stop.

"He spun out of control, and he jumped the curb and wiped out the whole bus stop," witness Clarence Wilson said.

Wilson and his friend were standing outside of the bus shelter when the crash happened. He said some of the people sitting at the bus stop flew through the glass when the truck crashed into it.

Witnesses said the driver didn’t appear to care about the people trapped under his truck. Wilson said the man went to a nearby Subway and used the bathroom after the crash.

Subway worker: 'It could've been me'

Nancy Langoski wasn't working at Subway the day of the crash, but she normally does, and she said she would have been at the bus stop.

"It could've been me," Langoski said. "It hit me pretty hard, like I said, because I always work on Wednesdays. I was grateful I wasn't there, but very sad for the people who were."

Police said alcohol and speed were factors in the crash.

"I will not sit in that vestibule for that reason, because they fly by, and God forbid, like yesterday -- you've got nowhere to go," Langoski said.