Metro Detroit restaurant owners worried potholes will hurt business

Road conditions discourage customers of Clinton Township restaurant

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Restaurant owners in Metro Detroit are concerned that deteriorating road conditions caused by unpredictable winter weather will hurt business.

January has been a wild weather month for Metro Detroit, with wind chills dropping below zero early in the month and temperatures in the mid-50s shortly afterward. There has been snow, rain and sunshine, and the sporadic weather is hard on the roads.

The owners of Apple Annie's in Clinton Township are worried potholes will discourage people from coming to their restaurant.

"It seems worse this year than ever before," Apple Annie's owner Cathy Pagano said.

There isn't a change in the menu or the service, but getting to the restaurant might be a concern for some residents.

"It's been around two weeks," Pagano said. "We've noticed it got really ugly."

"There's potholes that could probably swallow a small car out there," customer Bridgette said.

Garfield Road just outside the restaurant is so bad, drivers can't avoid hitting something. It's leaving customers with a bad taste in their mouths.

"They expressed concerns about not wanting to come in because it's so hard to get in the parking lot dodging all of the cars," Apple Annie's owner Tony Rubino said. "We hate to see people pulled over with flat tires and tow trucks, and we've seen that happen over the last couple of weeks."

For customers, a sweet dessert isn't worth racking up a hefty repair bill. Restaurant owners said they've complained to the township, but the road isn't improving.