Update: Repairs to historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit expected to start Tuesday

Intense wind bent steeple in 2017


DETROIT – Repairs to the historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church's could start as early as Tuesday after fears that the bent steeple could fall to the sidewalk.

ORIGINAL STORY: Wind bends steeple of historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit

The copper steeple on Detroit's tallest building from 1877 to 1909 was italicized after intense winds during the spring of 2017.

Church officials said that the repairs are being expedited due to inaccurate reports communicated to public safety officials and that the steeple structure is secure.

"The structure was examined last year, after strong winds knocked the steeple’s top spire askew and caused damage to its shingles and trim, and was determined to be strongly cross-braced and is securely fastened to the building with steel cabling," church treasurer and architect Robert Sharrow said. "An orderly repair has been in the works since November, when the church finally received an insurance settlement that would partially pay for needed repairs."

The repairs are expected to cost in excess of $100,000. The church is currently seeking additional donations of approximately $40,000 to offset the cost of the repairs.

"Maintaining a sacred, historic building is a huge and never-ending responsibility for us," Sharrow said. "If anyone is interested in making a contribution to help with the repairs, they should contact the church right away."

The Fort Street Presbyterian Church can be contacted here.