Wayne State University police Sergeant Collin Rose's legacy lives on through organ donation

DETROIT – Sergeant Collin Rose was senselessly gunned down last year, but his legacy lives on in others.

That’s because Rose was an organ donor. Right now, more than 3,300 Michigan residents are waiting for life saving donations. 

Tuesday, state leaders and police departments across Metro Detroit are promoting the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. 

Wayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt said Rose was one of a kind and he compares future hires to Rose. 

“When he passed, we have a charter school right across the street from us, we have 20-30 students come in here and read poems about Officer Rose," Holt said. "Officer Rose was, it’s hard to describe, he’s a standard for when I interview officers.”

Police Officer Kristen Main knows about tissue transplants first hand. She was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer at 12, but received a transplant in her arm.

“I have a plate that runs through my arm, with 16 screws to hold it in place,” Main said. “As a recipient and a donor myself, I know that this gift means so much to those that receive it. I don’t think people realize the significance of just putting your name on that registry and how many lives you can change,” said Main. 

You can join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry at www.giftoflifemichigan.org

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