Package thief targets neighborhood on Detroit's west side

Daytime thefts happening in Grandmont/Rosedale area

DETROIT – Neighbors on the west side are sharing videos of a package thief after a number of homes were hit over the last 48 hours.

In each video, the man walks up and takes what he can.

The thefts are happening during the day in the Grandmont/Rosedale area.

One of the homeowners doesn't typically work Fridays and admits if she had been home, she would've been terrified. On Friday, the woman happened to be at work when her cameras recorded a brazen theft from her front porch.

"I'm like a miniature detective over here," she said.

The single mom living in the Grandmont/Rosedale area couldn't believe what her cameras recorded.

"I thought well, I wondered maybe it was delivered yesterday. I thought, '7 a.m., why is somebody on my porch at 7 a.m.?' And sure enough, that was the video," she said.

The package, which was placed in her mailbox, only contained essential oils.

"It's not like you just saw it on the porch. But you came looking for something to take. It's really ridiculous," she said. "It wasn't anything super expensive. But it was still mine."

Her home security system called RING has an internal network, in which neighbors can share what their cameras have recorded.

It didn't take her long to realize she wasn't the only one who was targeted. In two days, at least three homes within a mile radius were hit, all in the Grandmont/Rosedale area on Detroit's west side.

It's not clear if it's the same man, but the homeowner is putting thieves on notice.

"Stay off my porch. You have a lot of nerve, A, and B, you just never know what is waiting for you on the other side of the door, and C, it's a federal crime. Like, what are you doing?" she said.

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