Traffic stop leads to arrest of Detroit man with 380 license suspensions on his driving record

Gerald Grant sentenced to six months in jail

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – When police made a recent traffic stop in Wyandotte, they thought there must have been a typo on the driver's record.

Gerald Grant, 39, of Detroit, has 380 current license suspensions that he racked up in his 23 year driving career.

"It's heavy. It's a thick driving record," Wyandotte Police Lt. Neil Hunter said.

OCTOBER UPDATE: Grant arrested again in Wyandotte

In court Thursday, it took the judge a while to go through every jurisdiction where Grant previously had his license suspended.

"You could hypothetically get written for multiple citations for a stop, and if you don't take care of those citations, the state gets involved, throw suspensions on, the local courts throw suspensions on, and it just kind of has a snowball effect," Hunter said.

Grant was sentenced to six months in jail in a plea deal, but he won't be driving legally for a long time.

"He's dug himself a big hole that's tough to get out of. My advice would be stop driving," Hunter said.

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