Metro Detroit roads remain a concern for drivers with more snow on the way

Snow predicted to continue throughout weekend

DETROIT – The snow may have stopped falling, but the roads remain dangerous.

It's not just side streets that are a problem; the main roads still need some work.

On I-75, the lanes could barely be seen, causing trouble for drivers. There were several cars stuck on the side of the interstate.

No matter where you looked Saturday afternoon, snow was all around you.

Metro Detroit traffic conditions: Check map, closures, incidents

Snow is predicted to fall throughout the weekend, and that news has drivers a little worried.

"Since this morning, they gotten worst," said Jasmine Swain, a pizza driver for Grinderz Pizza.

Swain said the conditions have been tough.

"Well, I was in my own lane, and I knew that was my lane, but people were taking up two lanes," Swain said.

But David Henry said things aren't that bad.

"They were worse earlier, but they definitely done a pretty decent job cleaning them," Henry said.

The snow isn't done falling just yet. The metro Detroit area is supposed to get about 2 to 4 inches more Sunday. Be very careful and give yourself plenty of time if you're headed out Saturday night.

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