Nearly every snow-ridden Detroit neighborhood plowed, city officials say

Residents ready for reprieve from snowfall

DETROIT – Snow was even tougher to deal with later Sunday following freezing rain earlier in the day. 

While snow plow crews target freeways before residential streets, Detroit officials said nearly every neighborhood has been plowed at least once since Friday. 

"Its been a mess," resident Tony Neil said. "Worst week ever."

Residents could be seen side-by-side, digging out of the snow -- again.

"Every other day (I'm) snow blowing, shoveling, again," Neil said.

It's also been rough trying to navigate residential streets. 

"I have seen smaller vehicles stuck, and I’m seeing neighbors helping each other," resident Mark Elzy said. "They are a disaster. (I) wish they had more plows out and get to side streets." 

City officials said almost every neighborhood has been plowed since Friday. Their deadline was Sunday at 6 a.m. 

Residents in a west side community near 7 Mile and Livernois Avenue said they have mixed feelings.

"It’s a lot of ground to cover," one person said. "I thought the city would have more plows, but I haven’t seen one yet."

City officials said crews have been working back-to-back 12-hour shifts and that private contractors have plowed more than 1,880 miles of residential streets. 

Contractors were to get paid when the work was done, and inspectors verified Sunday the work has been completed. 

Residents said they're hoping Mother Nature will give us a break soon. 

"I’m ready for spring," one resident said. "(It) can’t come soon enough."

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