Metro Detroit school districts use security cameras that allow police access to increase safety

Roseville police can access school cameras 24/7

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Some school districts in Metro Detroit allow police to have access to school security cameras to help increase safety in the event of an emergency, such as an active shooter situation.

Police in Roseville have access to every camera in the city's school district, including parking lot cameras.

"In an emergency, we can take control of those cameras and relay real time information to our officers," police Chief James Berlin said.

Other districts have similar protections in place. Troy police can access district cameras 24/7, but the cameras are only monitored by police in emergencies and only certain officers have access to the cameras. Police in Royal Oak and Centerline are also able to watch school district cameras during emergencies.

Grandparent Darlene Dolland likes the added security and believes every school district should allow police to monitor cameras.

"If someone's in their school and planning to do something, they may catch them before it happens if they're watching the camera," she said.

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