Former doctor arraigned in Madison Heights after hundreds of ID theft cases found

Suspect allegedly attempted to sell prescription drugs through Craigslist

Dimitar Cvetkoski (WDIV)
Dimitar Cvetkoski (WDIV)

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – Police investigated an incident involving a man, identified as 40-year-old Dimitar Cvetkoski, advertising prescription drugs on Craigslist in the "Men seeking women" category.

According to authorities, Cvetkoski claimed to be a doctor in his post and stated he had prescription medication and “party favors” available at a Madison Heights hotel.

Police said the investigation revealed that Cvetkoski's medical doctor license had expired in 2010 and he had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Cvetoski was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possessing controlled substances with the intent to deliver. The arrest was a result of a successful operation conducted by Madison Heights Police Department, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic Enforcement Team and Troy Special Investigation Unit detectives.  

According to authorities, upon Cvetkoski’s arrest, numerous fraudulently manufactured prescription forms were also found in his possession along with prescription medications, hundreds of credit card numbers and other identifying information of potential identity theft victims.

Cvetkoski was charged by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office with six felony counts, including three counts of controlled substance -- delivery/manufacture, one count of personal identifying information with intent to commit identity theft, one count of financial transaction device -- stealing/retaining without consent and one count of controlled substance -- counterfeit prescription forms.

Cvetkoski was arraigned at the Madison Heights 43rd District Court on Friday and received a bond of $66,000. He is due back in court on Feb. 28.