Police say erratic driver crashed in Detroit after doing doughnuts in middle of 8 Mile Road

Woman being evaluated after alleged reckless driving

DETROIT – Police are evaluating a woman accused of doing doughnuts and driving the wrong way on 8 Mile Road in Detroit.

Police said the woman placed other drivers and pedestrians in danger by causing a ruckus in broad daylight.

Most drivers are used to dodging potholes along 8 Mile Road. But Monday afternoon, they tried getting out of the way of a black Chrysler 300. Video shows a woman busting a U-turn in the middle of the eastbound lanes, backing into a car and continuing down the street toward Mound Road.

"This is something you wouldn't even see in a movie," Chris Tolliver, who lives nearby, said.

She sped down the street, and then decided to reverse right in front of an ongoing semi truck. Police said she continued doing circles in the middle of 8 Mile Road while drivers tried to get out of the way.

Drivers got tired of waiting, but the driver had no regard for anyone.

"She was reckless," Tolliver said. "She had no regard. She was just driving erratically."

The man who filmed video of the driver moved his car off the street, but that wasn't good enough. The 300 jumped the curb and ran over the yellow parking stoppers in a nearby parking lot. She then went the wrong way before heading west on 8 Mile Road.

"She hit two different cars, then she came and ran into oncoming traffic," Tolliver said.

Before Warren police arrived, they said the woman hit close to half a dozen cars. When she got onto westbound 8 Mile Road, she slammed into an SUV with a family inside.

The man in the SUV kept her from running. He said she tried to get away barefoot.

Officials said it's unclear if the woman was driving under the influence of drugs or was off her medication.

"Whoever is her caregiver needs to take better care of her if that's the result," Tolliver said. "She could have hurt a lot of people. If she's just doing drugs, they need to take her off the street."

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.

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