Detroit man keeps receiving mail with personal information of DTE customers

Rodney Simpson says he receives DTE packets filled with personal information

DETROIT – Citizens who had already been identity theft victims came close to being hit again before a Detroit man said he wouldn't let it happen.

Rodney Simpson said he keeps receiving DTE packets filled with personal information. They appear to be coming from DTE's I.D. Fraud Prevention Department, but he has nothing to do with DTE and he would like it to stop.

Simpson said the packets contain information such as photo copies of Social Security cards, driver's license numbers, banking information, addresses and phone numbers.

Simpson said he sent the first package back to DTE.

"I figured they made a mistake," Simpson said. "I called them and they told me to mail it to them, so I did."

But the packets kept coming, and he was at once concerned, horrified and angry.

"Now this is the third one, and I'm fed up with this here," Simpson said. "I don't want this here. I already had one I.D. theft and I see why they have I.D. theft because DTE is sending things out, and this is the I.D. theft people."

If he were an identity thief, Simpson said he'd be able to fully victimize the people who had already been victimized. But that's not his style.

"That isn't my thing," Simpson said. "I'm doing transportation right now. I'm not into stealing."

Simpson said he thinks it's an address mix-up, but in today's day and age, he said it shouldn't happen this way, especially with the state's largest utility.

"I love DTE," Simpson said. "They been good to me. I pay my bill, but I'm fed up with this. Enough is enough."

DTE released a statement that said this is an isolated incident and they are investigating to figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

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